Who never thought of working in a multinational company, and having the chance to leverage their professional career, having in their curriculum companies that are known worldwide, adding more than 500 brands, the Coca-Cola Company, and present in more than 200 countries and territories , with around 700,000 employees, according to data provided by Coca itself, there are currently more than 430 open positions. In the United States, there are more than 288 vacancies at the Coca-Cola Company, check out:

  • Marketing social media manager;
  • Director of retail marketing;
  • Account executive;
  • Commercial director;
  • Regional sales manager;
  • North America design director;

The cities where vacancies are open to work are: Atlanta, Seattle, Orlando, Chicago, Portland among others.

England: The vacancies that are available, of the 6 vacancies are to work in London, being for:

  • Junior Brand Manager;
  • Microbiologist;
  • Brand Manager for Senior England,
  • Two creative strategy directors;
  • Manager of new technologies and knowledge.

In Australia, there are two vacancies available for brand manager and in the sector that is responsible for strategic business partnerships, your activities will take place in Sydney. But it is worth remembering that to work in a multinational it is necessary to prepare, knowing the company well, researching the area of activity, what are its brands and products, prepare yourself a lot for the job interview. To apply for one of the vacancies at coca-cola, simply access the company’s LinkedIn, choose the position you want, pay attention to the prerequisites and send your resume, remember that keeping your resume up to date is a guarantee of being invited to interviews and possibly jobs.

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