Amazon is one of the largest shopping sites in the world with headquarters on every continent and shipping to virtually every country on the globe. Its shopping possibilities network is one of the largest in the market, from books, office supplies, clothing, household items, toys, to electronics and car supplies. Making the company have a little bit of all the products available for purchase in the market.

With more than 31,000 possibilities slowly for different jobs and at the headquarters in the United States, it has 19,000 open positions. Learn more about how you can apply and stay tuned for vacancies, as there are several different sectors available to be filled, check out how it is possible to work in a multinational company:

In the city of Seattle, which is the headquarters city of the Amazon company, there are more than 11,326 vacancies and the positions are:

– Marketing content leader;

– Media production;

– Software development manager;

– Language engineer;

– IMDb editor;


– Content editor;

– Digital design manager;

– UX Producer;

– Blog writer;

– Location editor;

– Marketing manager;

– Content development manager;

– Application engineer;

– Project Manager;

– Public relations manager;

– Public relations manager;

– WordPress engineer;

– Software engineer;

– And much more.

In the city of San Francisco, there are 1,807 job openings available for a variety of roles, from partnership manager, Android engineer, deep learning engineer, executive assistant, business intelligence engineer, development engineer, to solution architect and more.

Applying for a job is very simple, just access the company’s LinkedIn portal or use the Amazon website and choose the vacancy you want most. Most vacancies require some kind of experience, so it’s important to always keep your resume up to date and keep the information clear.

Most of the vacancies that are available at the US headquarters, which have emerged in recent months, are for general sectors, business professionals such as information technology, engineers, accountants, followed by health and education. More than 67,000 vacancies are offered, 34,000 in the area of ​​restaurants and hotels and 33,000 in the area of ​​civil construction, public infrastructure and projects.

In this way, it can be seen that there are many vacancies available so that you can make the choice that pleases you the most, since it will be your livelihood and with that you will be able to know and do new things. Take advantage of this opportunity now and secure your spot at Amazon now!