The multinational is hiring in several places around the world, it is currently hiring in several countries around the world, being possible for you to work in the United Kingdom, Canada, United States, Germany, Ireland, and among others.

Most of the vacancies that are available on apple are located in the United States, in total there are 5,120 job offers that have open vacancies, the large part being in California, in the city of Cupertino, with the vacancies available:

– Editorial producer;

– Screen editor;

– Content specialist;

– Interaction writer;

– Digital content editor;

– Senior art editor;

– Public relations manager;

– Apple podcasts editor;

– Cultural producer;

– Apple TV marketing leader;

– Advertising;


– Live sports manager;

– Photo searcher;

– Creative from Apple Music;

– Campaign strategies professional;

– Brand specialist;

– Graphic designer;

– Project Manager.

In the information technology area, there are already more than 3 thousand vacancies, as apple searches for:

– Programmers;

– Data Scientist;

– Technical support;

– Engineers;

– Genius admin.

For Canada, there are more than 150 vacancies available, with opportunities in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, and several Canadian cities and the vacancies available are for the following areas:

– Project manager;

– Digital channel manager;

– Leader of the App Store;

– Project editorial coordinator;

– Technical specialist;

– Genius;

– UI Engineer;

– Support;

– Enterprise Consultant;

– Software engineer.

In the United Kingdom, there are 242 vacancies for those who are available to work in Europe, in London, Watford, Cardiff, Bristol and other cities, and the work areas are:

– Apple TV Administrative Assistant;

– Campaign manager;

– Platform specialist;

– Marketing leader;

– Art director,

– Genius.

To compete for vacancies, simply access Apple’s LinkedIn, choose the position that best suits you and apply online, follow all the rules and tips when applying, just access Apple’s LinkedIn here: